Welcome to Horny Nerd Things
Facts About Me

Hello, my name is Emily and I run Horny Nerd Things. I’m currently 19 and enjoy my nerdy activities, which involves reading sci fi and fantasy novels, playing video games, and playing Magic the Gathering along with some D&D. I start college in Sept where I will major in illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

My favorite novels: The Name of the Wind + The Wise Man’s Fear, Ender’s Game, The Princess Bride, Watchmen, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, and anything written by Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palahniuk. I’m currently reading Lord of the Rings.

My favorite video games: Any Zelda game, Final Fantasy IV, VII and IX, The Legend of the Dragoon, any Tales game, Portal, Dragon Age, Castlevania, Pokemon Blue, Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption, and League of Legends.

If there is anything else you would like to know, don’t shy and message me.

My personal tumblr: emiscoolerthanyou.tumblr.com
My League ign: emiscooler